What a stunning world of the game on slots! Many casino lovers think they already know everything you need in order to win. And what superstitious players come! If you look at the people who are ready for all for the sake of winning, you can see how some even kiss your hand for good luck before the back, water the finger on the monitor or rub your hands, as if descending after passing the warmth of your hands, which will generate the next win.

In fact, there is no way to influence the random number generator, from which the winnings or a player loss depends. So what is a “generator of random numbers” or gpg?

There is no doubt that everyone was interested in the question, as a slot determines when paying the win? The answer to this question, of course, is a random number generator. What is the gpg? This is a computer program that randomly selects the number. That numbers random means that there is no completely no scheme, order or sequence in choosing. All online slots are created on the basis of a computer, and computers have microprocessors. GSH is responsible for combinations of lines and drums that you see on the screen. The generator is programmed so that for each spin to generate up to four billion random numbers. Thus, the chances of what all numeric combinations will meet, go to zero. Random number generator is always in action. Even while you do not play on the slot, the generator continues to work. So when you press the spin, the result is already in fact predefined. You just have to find out how this result will be.

In each online casino, which has a necessary license, the operation of the generator is necessarily checked for accuracy. To do this, there are special checks, and the game committee determines whether the work of the GSH standards is the work of the Gaming Industry. So each player can be calm that he will not face with fraud, nor with a deception in good online casino.