Roman Empire slot machine

The bright slot machine Roman Empire from Habanero has a very expressive schedule and a high theoretical return percentage – 98.06%. This result is determined by a decent range of rates and active actions of generous special characters. In the process of play, users will be able to get acquainted with the history of the Great Roman Empire.

General description of the machine Roman Empire

The gaming field of the machine is located on the background of the image of the famous Roman Colosseum. Its image is placed on the scatter. At Wilde, the creators placed a picture with the Golden Roman coin. On the ordinary symbols of the machine, you can see the portrait of Cleopatra, the headdress of the Roman warrior, a couple of swords, a vase with fruit, as well as card denominations.

On the five drums of the gaming venue of the machine, 25 payable lines are indicated. Using the navigation panel buttons, you can adjust the parameters – select the number of active bonus lines and the bid itself (they are equal on all lines). Running the rotation of the drums of the machine can be carried out both in manual and automatic mode. At the top there is a special information window in which the sizes of cumulative jackpots appear.

Gaming process of the Roman Empire

In order to win, the user needs to be assembled on any of the active credit lines of the automaton of at least three identical ordinary signs. Only they must be grouped in such a way as to form a continuous chain on the adjacent drums, starting with the extreme on the left. Then the player will be assigned award, the value of which is equal to the product of the playing linear betting and the coefficient assigned to this combination in the automaton payt table. Only the longest chain is subject to accounting on one line – it will be highlighted over the perimeters of characters.

Wildes play according to general rules and form their paid sequences of 2-5 characters. In addition, their obligations include assistance to ordinary elements – they can replace any of them by helping the creation of winning combinations. When this happens – the player receives a double-size remuneration.

Purpose scatters – run free-backs. It happens when 3 or more scatter symbols fall on the gaming field of the machine. Such combinations are paid at the total rate and give the hembler 13 free-spins. A feature of free rotations is the method of payment of winning combinations – they all get an additional prize multiplayer x2. This leads to the fact that the results of the free session are always excellent. Skatters in free backs are not paid, but each dropping adds one free-spin.

Two types of accumulative jackpots are played out in the form of a random payment – the user can participate in the draw only subject to the game with real agents.

The Roman Empire slot machine is characterized by excellent design and interesting topics. High results can be achieved thanks to the generosity of Wilde and Skatter, as well as free-spins passing with special conditions.