Hellenic Gaming Commission, Greek regulator of the gambling market, began the process of registration of key personnel, suppliers and services for their licensing procedure, including online games. In the regulatory body of Greece, they stated that all legal entities, including shareholders, senior managers, manufacturers, technologies and certification authorities, can now submit applications for licenses for online games and rates.

In HGC, they explained that there are two categories of licenses. One of them will allow the use of bookmakers on the Internet, and the other is to manage other gambling, mostly online poker and casino. These licenses will be valid for seven years, and operators, the license period of which expires by March 2021, will also need to apply for a new license.

The regulatory authority was instructed to expand licensing requirements to cover key operating and managerial functions. He also set a 35 percent tax rate for license holders and established such rules as a jackpot prize limit, rates that should be placed in a slot, the minimum age necessary for accommodating rates, among other things. The new licensing mode provides for the use of a license for bookmakers in the amount of 3 million euros, and the gambling charge is charged in the amount of 2 million euros.