Online gembling in Greece for the last period significantly added revolutions in terms of financial growth. Experts associate such a state of affairs with a World Cup.

In the online gembrelling segment of Greece, 24 licensees. They became aware of the overall revenue and turnover of funds: for the first half of 2018, they amounted to 182.8 million euros and 3.2 billion euros, respectively.

Summer World Cup has played its role in this. And the event affected the strengthening of the gembling industry not only in Greece, but also around the world.

Licenses for which operating Greek online casino – temporary. This is due to the fact that the Greek government is currently established by new licensing regulations, which operators will need to adhere to.

The general forecast for the development of gembling in Greece is positive, despite some points requiring refinement. So, for the 2017 turnover of funds in the market amounted to 5.2 billion euros and brought net profit by 280.6 million.

If you compare the turnover indicators for the first half of the current and last year, an increase of 24% is evaporated. Well, the profit increased by 30%. Taxes for the entire 2017 paid 98.2 million, and in the first half of this year – 64 million euros.