Georgian Ministry of Finance announced the start of the work of a special program that can fully monitor the state of affairs in the country’s gambling sector. Thus, the authorities will be able to put in their hands all the breeding of the board of the industry.

Information was shared by an income unit under the Ministry. It is specified that the authorities are interested in data on transaction stories, RTP slots, as well as about money that enter slots and are deducted from them. In this regard, the Ministry of Finance announced a tender to find ways to implement ideas and opportunities to get new regulatory tools.

Azart Market in Georgia – a serious player in the field of world gambling. For 25 years already in the country, gambling, and terrestrial casinos, bookmakers, lottery services are operating. Due to the high loyalty from the legislation, Georgia loves both foreign operators-investors, and tourists interested in gambling.

Of course, the online casino is also within the law: seven relevant operators in Georgia. True, to open a virtual casino in the country you need to have at least one ground there. In the Georgian online casino is now playing about 400 thousand. human.

Last month, officials received a proposal to consider the law, which would have forbade residents of Georgia to make deposits from bank cards in foreign casinos.