Denmark’s government announced that casino and gaming halls across the country will be closed at least 5 April in accordance with the advanced restrictions on the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

All these game facilities temporarily closed in December last year after the government extended national measures to combat COVID-19 until February 28 for the purpose of opening in the early 2021.

However, since the incidence rate of COVID-19 remained very high, the institutions remained closed to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus, while Denmark began its vaccination program.

In its last update of Denmark’s Department of Health announced that, despite some easing measures, casinos, gambling halls and restaurants will be closed until at least April 5.

A number of other places, such as some minor shops and attractions for visitors in the open air, will reopen in some regions, while a group of children of certain age will be allowed back to school in some areas of the country. All other measures, including travel restrictions will be in effect until the beginning of April.