It is very likely that someone will call that the event that occurred in July in the evening eleven in the very clean luck or by chance.

But for Robert Flidler, such a day became one of his most successful life in his entire. And it is possible to say here with confidence that such days in his life will never happen again. And this very lucky lucky won lucky more than five million American dollars. And this is all due to the fact that every time he used only his only favorite combination of numbers. And that’s it according to it, this man played every time in the lottery, just hoping for the largest win. And this feeling this time did not let.

It is worth saying that over the past few years, Robert Fidler has constantly played in King Lotto, feeling good luck. And at the same time, they used the most different many unique combinations of numbers, which he seemed even more successful and at the same time very advantageous. And as a rule, here’s such such a kind of combinations were exclusively compiled only from the days of birth of all members of his family, and all the numbers of various insurance policies were used here. Also, in addition, Robert himself had a personal strategy. The man just all the time engaged in tracking those moments when the jackpots themselves simply grow up to three million, and even more. And then, he just went to the closest store for buying a lottery ticket to King Lotto. It is also worth noting here that a large number of employees of this supermarket have long already learned about the fact that Robert himself uses only certain combinations of numbers. Most of them in fact fumbled for this man, while others remained neutral here. But when Robert the next time came to check out his lucky ticket, then in this store nothing very unusual happened at that moment.

But it also quite soon as it turned out that this is such a happy combination made by Robert he brought a large cash reward of 5 million dollars. How the man himself remembers, then at first he was very difficult for him to just gather with his thoughts. And even him seemed to him that he had a heart attack. And now, for sure, for the same reason, Robert himself, together with his wife, hurried to the most closest office of this lottery to get their money prize. Mike Lang, a representative of the American Lottery also spoke about the fact that it was the first time this prize was really in demand for the last all 22 years old, which the lottery actually works.

Fidler himself in the very near future wanted to buy a steep car for the very much of all these money. But his spouse, spoke about the fact that it just can not live just without traveling, and that already immediately after they received a win, she began to persuade her spouse to go to Africa on Safari. And now such famous winners and took their personal winnings only by one-time payment. His amount, by the way, amounted to four million. They also were asked to take advantage of the payments in phased already for 25 years. But the store, where a man was acquired by his very good ticket, got his own reward of 52 thousand dollars.

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