A little about the history of rotating drums

Online slots are the next step of the evolution of outdated slot machines in stationary casinos. These automata, the first of which were constructed at the end of the 19th century, have an interesting and exciting history of development. She saw everything: and the poker of cars with 3 drums, and the automata that was issued to the winners of the gum during the dry law, and the first video slots, where the action was already on the screens of monitors, and online automata. Today you can play slots directly from your smartphone at any convenient time.

Payments lines against wagers

The sum of all rates is familiar with the value of the rates and the number of involved lines for the game. Players receive cash accruals by collecting certain combinations of characters on specific sections of the drums. Modern slots have many pay lines. The user first will have to determine which denomination he wants to put on line (usually it varies in the amount of from 0.1 to 5 conditional units), and then the number of lines, for each of which he is ready to make this bet. That is, if you activate 25 game lines and put a bet in 10 cents, the sum of all rates will eventually be $ 2.5. All simple.


Many lattern generation machines have their own specific functions. As you understand, we are talking about video slots. Among the features of these machines, wild symbols can be distinguished. Wild symbols – this is something akin to Jokera in a poker card deck. When they fall out on the drums, they can replace some characters that the player lacks to collect a winning combination on the active line.

Often in the Internet slots meet scatter signs. They usually assume instant multiplication of the player’s rates as a cash winning. But often they also provide the user with a certain number of bonus rotations of the drums or launch a bonus round, which happens on a separate playing field and implies a winnings of a certain number of free spins with a multiplier of won (more often the game is the random selection of several of the proposed thematic images).

Choosing your slot

In modern online casino you will meet slots of various shapes and species. There are also 3D games in which the most realistic animations are used. You can try your hand as in slots on a lot of lines with lots of possible combinations and in fruit machines for 3 drums with simple functionality, as you have been times. Azart Sharks advise not to start with too complex games to better delve into the essence and principles of online slots.

No less responsibly cost to choose online casino. First of all, pay attention to whether the payment of the payment systems that you will be able to use.

Many modern gaming slot machines have a progressive jack sweat. He promises a decent monetary remuneration to whom the luck will smile, since the amount of such a jack sweat is not fixed and growing depending on the number of players on the slot in real time, as well as the sums of their total rates.

Pleasant bonuses

If you want to win a large, you better make bets bigger. Fortunately, the online casino here go to meet users and offer a wide range of bonuses to their players. Among them are welcoming bonuses, bonuses when replenishing the deposit, free repairs of drums and no deposit bonuses.