You can know a lot about the casino, but if you look into the list of games offered by some of the most famous casinos around the world, you can discover many unusual, unfamiliar games. Any of us can spend a pleasant evening for the game in blackjack or roulette, but you have ever played or heard about Roulette La Boule (Bul), “Red and Black” or Ed Dog Poker?

Although these games are difficult to meet, but it is worth looking for where they can be played. Usually all games in the casino have one principle – the harder it is to learn to play the game, the easier it will later be won. So if you remember the rules of these games, it will increase the likelihood of your winnings in comparison with well-known, popular games. Some of these games are only slightly different from their classic options. Others are completely unique and not like anything that you play before. Changes give the severity of life, so be prepared to try something completely new.

Roulette Bul

Long live France! The French often everything is different. In fact, some of these unusual games have french roots. Boulev is mostly simplified roulette option, with wheel, table for betting and ball. Although on the wheel and there are thirty-six numbered recesses, but the numbers on them vary from one to nine and repeated four times. The top five plays the same role as the Zero in the usual roulette and negates all the color rates. In this game you will have much more chances that your favorite number will fall out, but also the probability of the Zero also becomes higher. Basically, the Bhul can be found in the European Casino.

Seven and a half

This game is similar to blackjack and popular in Italy, Spain and Brazil. The main goal of the game is to collect maps so that the amount of points is as close as possible to seven and a half. This game is played with a deck of forty cards – without eight, nine and a dozen. Aces – one point, from twos to seven – the appropriate number of points, and figure cards – one and a half points. You bet and get a card, then act just like in blackjack.

Oasis poker

This version of caribbean poker should be learn better, as it extends the game and improves the chances of a player to win. In this game, you can change from one to five cards to improve the chances of winning, and the bonus rate is made on Street. This version of the flock can be found in Helsinki Casino in Finland and Mulino Casino in Croatia.

Red or black

Another name of this game, not like any other card game – “Thirty or forty”. Red or black goes deep into the seventeenth century in France and for this game you need a special gambling table. This unusual game can be found in the Casino of France, Italy and Monaco. For the most part it is a combination of roulette and baccaurs. Let’s not go into the details of this game, but mostly players choose bets on red or black card hands. With the help of these cards, glasses from thirty to forty and the lowest combination wins. All that is required from players is to make bets, only the croupier is engaged in cards. Game three hundred years and there is very good chances of winning, so it deserves attention.

Are you looking for something new for yourself with good chances for winning, then see you are waiting for a few exciting games. Examine their rules and advantages, and this will significantly increase your chances of winning.