Employees of Cambodian Casino Nagaworld Bastset, requiring improved working and wage. About 3,000 employees of this casino joined the protests on Thursday in the NagaWorld Casino complex in the capital of Cambodia Phnompene. About this, with reference to the Reuters Agency, reports Casino.buzz.
NagaWorld casino is controlled by the Igor Monopoly of Cambodia, registered in Hong Kong, Nagacorp Ltd. Basive employees of this casino require wage to increase the hotel staff to $ 300 per month, and for those who work on casino playgrounds, up to $ 500 per month. Also workers require the restoration of their trade union leader of Chchim Sitara, who was removed from office last September.
Nagacorp Ltd, controlling the Naagworld Casino complex in the capital of Cambodia Phnompene, is a gambling monopoly, it has exclusive rights to gambling in land casino Cambodia. The license of this company has recently extended for another 10 years.
Cambodia, who became the regional center of gambling, in August last year banned gambling online in the country. After the introduction of this ban from Cambodia, there was a mass outflow of Chinese citizens who dominated the gambling in the country. Nagacorp welcomed the actions of the government to ban all forms of gambling on the Internet.