Not all people need an advanced strategy for slots, but still it is a good idea – to learn her so that you can learn more about how the machine works.

Standard Number of Spins

It uses rather complex equations from the field of mathematics to determine the best chances of winning spin. Although many players enjoy it with the help of complex mathematical formulas, the main calculations can be held in the mind that will be good practice for you and will show better how this strategy works.

1. Find a machine gun that payments are proportional

The term “proportional payments” means that you win the amount of money correlated with the amount you set. For example, if you get 10 coins at a stake in one coin, then the machine made with “equal payments” will give you 40 coins at a rate of 4 coins.

2. Find the average number of spins passing between victories

The execution of this item will take you for a while, and we recommend that you make minimal rates to reduce the possible loss at this stage.

3. Remember the average value after 10 spins

When you have the number of spins between ten winning, you can determine the average number between each of them. Suppose this number will be approximately between eight and fourteen backs. In this case, the average number of spins between winnings – eleven.

When you apply this theory on the machine with a percentage of payments above 95 and increase your rates in accordance with the average number of spins, you will notice that your chances to win could increase.

Strategy of the same game

The strategy of one game may be easier and more efficient than the strategy about the average number of spins. The essence of the strategy of one game is to make the highest possible bet, and if she wins, continue to play on this machine, if not – try on new. As in the previous strategy, always choose a slot with proportional payments.

Strategy simple. Find a machine and make the maximum bet. High rates won much more often, approximately every two or three times. If you won, make only one bet on the same slot. If you win four times in a row or more, play on this machine only three times.

Many people do not trust this strategy and prefer to sit at one slot for hours. Although it can and help them have fun, it will not help them to defeat. The best option is to try the strategy itself and see the results.