The European Association of Gambling and Rates (EGBA) expressed concern about the exit of the UK from the European Union. The EGBA statement states that Brexit has many unsolved problems that can affect the online gambling industry in the region.

The term of the temporary data transfer agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom expires less than six months, and the inability to manage such data can lead to complications for companies engaged in gambling on the Internet.

Secretary General EGBA Maarten Hyer said:

“At this stage, we believe that the most serious unresolved problem Brexit is the issue of transboundary data streams, given the enormous amount of data used in the online gambling sector, and many companies that have operations both in the EU and in the UK”.

According to Maarten Haier, without a long-term agreement providing an unobstructed data flow, online gambling companies that work in both jurisdictions will need, among other things, to decide where it is best to place your data centers to provide a minimum violation. their daily activities.