The new European Commission’s report establishes that the Industry Memorandum of Understanding on Online Advertising Online Games and Intellectual Property Rights has led to a significant reduction in unintentional placement of advertising of major European gambling brands on websites that violate property rights.

Memorandum of Understanding was concluded in 2018 in order to restrict advertising on websites, such as websites of illegal sports broadcasts and mobile applications that violate copyrights or distribute counterfeit goods. Memorandum of Understanding is a voluntary agreement signed by various sectoral associations, which represent the main European Internet advertising sectors, with the assistance and coordination of the European Commission.
As part of the performance review, the Commission presented a new report in which it was established that MOV increased the awareness of the brands that their advertising could hit websites that violate intellectual property rules. According to the report, from the moment of the introduction of a memorandum on understanding, the share of advertising of European companies on websites violating IPRs decreased by 12%, while advertising gambling from major European brands (including all EGBA members) decreased from 62% to 50% during the reporting period.

The European Association of Gambling and Rates (EGBA) welcomes the conclusions of the report and is pleased with significant progress made by EGBA members and other major brands in reducing unintended placement of their advertising on advertising channels that violate intellectual property rights. EGBA seeks to promote responsible advertising in the online gambling sector in Europe and from the moment of its creation is in the forefront of the initiatives of the Commission on online advertising and intellectual property. As the only sectoral association, which represents the gambling sector, participating in the Memorandum of Understanding, EGBA’s efforts to promote and familiarize himself with member companies, as well as a broader gambling sector played an important role in reducing the number of violators of advertising from the gambling sector.