Digitain launched a new marketing campaign called “Magic 21” to promote its new addictive version of Blackjack.

To celebrate the launch of this new campaign, DigiTain announced a fantastic new partner proposal. At the time of the Magic 21 campaign, DigiTain offers free Blackjack’s integration in addition to the free integration of all other wonderful games in the Fast Games portfolio portfolio of its own development.

Operators can benefit from these flexible and customizable products with fast and simple integration, designed for inexpensive hiring customers and possessing multichannel and multicurrency capabilities. The Fast Games package from Digitain also includes a flexible bonuse system.

Ike Sargsyan, Game Product Manager Digitain, said:

“For operators, this proposal is a fantastic incentive to quickly add our full portfolio of successful and favorite games for their platform for free. This is an unrivaled offer. Our quick games also provide fully customizable experience both to attract new and to hold existing players. “.