Craps Live may be the first game released under the Evolution brand since the company has been declared, since the date of its release is scheduled at the end of this year. After the offer on the absorption of the Giant Giant Netent, announced at the end of June 2020, Evolution took steps to change the corporation with Evolution Gaming on Evolution.

As a result of rebranding, the company will officially change its name on the fact that, in her opinion, better reflects the “diversity of the company’s operations” and more accurately reflects the activities of companies in the gaming industry. Rebranding in Evolution will reflect the company and its vision, as well as its gaming products and suggestions.

In addition, the new company name will be better to reflect a wide range of services and activities related to Evolution, such as modern design studios, software development and technological innovation.

Moreover, immediately after entering into force, the new brand and the logo will appear on all digital platforms, in official messages and applications of the company. However, the corporation’s legal entities will not change immediately, and the Board of Directors will make a proposal for the legal change in the name at the annual General Meeting of the Company on April 16 of next year.