Automatic game mode on slots – this is exactly what the name of this process is assumed. This mode allows players to play repeatedly on slots without manual control over each back. Thus, players can configure favorite slots so that they do not have to constantly monitor the game, and you can deal with any other activities until Fortuna perhaps solves your destiny. This mode is perfect for people who feel that today they must be lucky, but do not have enough time to play, without breaking away from the monitor of their computer. Automatic mode also significantly speeds up the game. It is for this reason that most game platforms for online casinos include this feature in the list of game options for online slots.

It is worth noting that in some situations it is still better to play in standard mode. The function of the automatic game assumes that the player will do the same bet throughout the game. If the player prefers to constantly change the parameters of rates and lines, it will be inconvenient to play in this mode. For example, some players use a gradual increase strategy.

Online slots bring great pleasure to players. Graphics and audio accompaniment attract online slots more and more players. Unfortunately, the automatic mode does not allow you to carefully consider all the details of the graphics, as the game goes in a fast pace. Therefore, the optimal will be the use of auto game after you have familiarized yourself with the theme and graphics of the selected slot and played in manual mode several times.

The most important parameter of the automatic game is the number of auto spins that the player specifies before turning on this option. To make a decision regarding the number of spins, two factors should affect: the relationship of the bankroll player with a bet and the time that the player wants to highlight for auto spins. It is important to note here that some game bonuses suggest that the player must make a choice. In this case, the car stops until the player chooses how to use the bonus. So, once in five to ten minutes it is worth checking how the car game passes.

Online slot developers include additional options in automatic mode for the convenience of players, for example, auto game can be stopped before all selected backs will end. The second useful option stops the game when the total winnings exceeds the set value. Return to the computer and see that the game stopped, as you won as much as I wanted – nothing is comparable, because the money won brings much more pleasure than earned.

There is a reverse option, stopping the game to prevent significant losses. In the language of stock market, this option is called “Stop Loss”. The inclusion of stop-loss will save you from unwanted losses and will provide an exceptionally pleasant pastime.