It may seem strange or even ridiculous, but the clothes that poker players are worn, even playing at home, helps them win! Consider what we are on the players, and maybe it will even help you and improve your game.

So what do players wear while playing poker? First of all, it depends on the player. You will often notice players dressed in Hoody or other jackets with large hoods, while others will not wear anything remarkable.

The reason why people wear certain clothes or glasses while playing poker is that so other players will be harder to read their thoughts and behavior cards. Indeed, if the rest of the players understand what you think, it will become a significant minus for you and put the rest of the game in a disadvantage. Some worn certain things and glasses to feel more protected and confident. Let’s see what things are most often wearing poker players.


The most common accessory in the world of poker – sunglasses on players. The reason why they are so popular is obvious – glasses hide your view from prying eyes. This means that even if everything is visible at your eyes immediately, the rest of the players still can not see anything. In the eyes you can define a lot, so it is not surprising that a lot of players prefer to stay in glasses the whole game. The second reason is that sunglasses help concentrate. The fact that these glasses is darker, helps not notice the extra glare and bright outbreaks in the room so that the person can fully concentrate on the maps. Believe you or not, but it helps players think.

Sweatshirts and Caps

Sweatshirts and caps are another addition to common poker clothes, but in this case the sweatshirts produced the most real four. They allow players to look externally to those whom they want to show, and also help feel more comfortable during the game.

Sweatshirts and caps operate on the same principle as sunglasses. Hood or cap can be put on so that, as in the case of glasses, no one can see the view of the player. In addition, the hood closes the neck and cheeks, which can also determine the degree of unrest of man. However, constantly being in the hood is quite hot, so some players put it only before playing hand.

Now that you know what and what do poker players wear, you can decide whether you need these things, and if so, then buy a couple. Some Hoody manufacturers even specialize in poker jackets. Make sure these things actually help you play, and not only create the impression that you are a confident and concentrated player.