Casinos Austria called the Hyatt Hotel Group with its partner for the construction of an integrated resort in Nagasaki, since last week the group was chosen by the regional partner.

It is reported that IR will include a casino with an area of ​​9000 square meters with 220 game tables and 2200 slot machines, as well as eight hotels, including Hyatt.

In addition, IR also plans to combine conference and exhibition centers, as well as entertainment complexes in collaboration with reputable international partners, such as Hyatt Hotel Group, as well as with Japanese partners.

The project, which will subsequently be transferred to the Central Government, is planned to develop with Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Dutch-style in Sacebo.

Bettina Glattz-Kremsner, CEO CASINOS AUSTRIA, said:

“After passing this stage in the process of awarding in Japan, Casinos Austria International once again demonstrated an excellent reputation that the company enjoys abroad. After several years of restructuring, CAI returned to the right way. His know-how and experience in the development and operation of such complex projects are still impressive. I wish Casinos Austria International under the leadership of Christopher Tsukuor-Burdi all the best and so that they, together with Nagasaki Prefect, receive one of the three licenses next year “.