Casino Guru has been one of the largest sources of information about online casinos with their extensive database on gambling sites and objective, data-oriented expert reviews. However, with the recent addition of user reviews, they will be able to bring even more benefit to their visitors.

The Casino Guru introduces a new feature that allows visitors to view and evaluate any online casino. Users can share their experience, good or bad, with other community members who, in turn, can use this information to make the right choice when selecting a site for the game.

Mates Novota, Head of Data Division and Casino Guru complaints, considers user reviews with excellent addition to site functions:

“My team and I collect as much more relevant information about each online casino, which we consider, for example, their complaints, income, features, quality of customer support, etc. D. It helps us give a casino fair rating and recommend the players most appropriate. Providing our visitors to share their experience adds another level of information that will be useful to anyone who is trying to choose a casino for the game “.

User feedback unite two main pillar Site Casino Guru – Casino Reviews and Community. Community – the fastest growing part of the site, Casino Guru reported more than 34,000 registered users during the first year of the existence of their multilingual forum.

Users can give a casino rating from zero to five stars, which contributes to his shared user rating. If desired, they can also add a written review and describe the positive and negative qualities of the casino. If the user adds a written review, it is first checked by the Casino Guru command to make sure that it meets the principles of the community, and only then published.

Users can write their reviews in any language, and the function of automatic translation of the site localizes it for other visitors in accordance with their linguistic preferences. Custom Reviews – Another addition to the search for Casino Guru, which is designed to provide visitors maximum value and make online gambling better.