In Argentina there is a tender for 7 local casinos, which are currently under government. Conducts His Institute IPlyc. Conducts at the moment three.

From participation in the tender and organized in its framework of trades have already been released:

  • Company with the former name Enjoy (ADVENT INVESTFAND BRANCH),
  • Casino Conrad (Operator from Chile),
  • Codere operator (Spain),
  • One company from the Philippines whose name is not disclosed.

But the Boldt operator, which coordinates Casino Trilenium, went to the case with all the scrupulsiness. It became known that them was provided with a meter container in which numerous folders and boxes are sealed. It becomes obvious that the operator caught fire the idea to get at his disposal these 7 casinos in Buenos Aires.

In June, with the filing of the governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Boldt almost lost Casino Trilenium. And this is their most favorable project in which 1600+ game slots. Then Maria Vidal and ordered the termination of the privileges when concluding contracts with operators. Previous administration worked exactly. Friendly parties passed to the disposal of more than 4,000 guns owned by the province.

The risk that Boldt the provincial authorities will be taken away, yet there is. For consideration of IPLYC applications took several weeks. And if during this time there will be deviation from the provincial purposes – will follow the cancellation of applications.