Betby provider signed an agreement with TVBET on product integration service provider of live games offer a platform. Universal product developed by the provider as a dynamic live games broadcast from a remote studio. The game lasts an average of three minutes, its products are developed in an era when rapid results and a mobile game is very important for any proposals.

As reported, TVBET products will be included in an existing directory Betby and will be available to all clients through a single vendor integration API. Current provider customers already have access to live games.

In recent months, the supplier made a statement in connection with the rapid expansion of his portfolio, when the live games TVBET became the latest addition, because Betby seeks to expand its demographics of players.

Betby General Director Leonid Perstemovsky said:

“We are glad that they signed this agreement with TVBET, which will significantly expand the offer of our products for our customers. We strive to diversify our portfolio with an attractive content, and Tvbet has an excellent base of fans for their innovative games. “.

Peter Corpsienko, CEO and co-founder TVBET, said:

“We are very pleased with the cooperation with Betby, whose platform continues to be one of the most dynamic in the industry. Offering our products along with the main platform, we hope to provide customers with Betby alternative path for growth. “.