Azerion Holding BV (Azerion), a pan-European game and advertising company, reached an agreement with its co-shareholder Elisa Oyj about the acquisition of the remaining 49% stake in the Finnish Studio Sulke Oy.

Studio is known for publishing popular social games, including Habbo, the monthly base of active users of which is 800 thousand. man in 115 countries. Studio is also responsible for the popular social mobile game Hotel Hideaway, which monthly attracts 840 thousand active players.

Azerion owns 51% of the shares of the game Studio since 2018 and helps to stimulate income growth, which increased by 46% on the annual basis (January 2019 – December 2020). The transaction will allow SULAKE to fully take advantage of the growing ecosystem Azerion. This will allow the publisher to expand its global game communities, enhance the monetization of games and strengthen their ways to develop games. The deal also means that Sulke players will be able to use promotions provided through Azerion network, which continues to grow at the expense of such acquisitions as Portal Business Spil Games and WoozWorld.

Accidentary, co-founder and CEO Azerion, said:

“Sulke is great for our game and advertising platform, and ELISA OYJ remains a very loyal and supportive partner over the past years. Together we breathed a new life in the game studio, which is now profitable and prosperous business. “.