On Thursday, on February 27, a draft law on significant tightening conditions for organizing and conducting various lotteries in the country was discussed and approved at a meeting of the Armenian government. This bill is already aimed at considering the Armenian Parliament. This was announced by the djangzhugazyan atom, the head of the Ministry of Finance of Armenia.

“According to the new law, all gaming devices, tote, lotteries and other money games can be organized and carried out exclusively in the special zones dedicated to this for this, which will act in Sevan, Megry, Tsakhkadzor and Jermuk. Such actions of the authorities are aimed at ensuring that we have as few people dependent on gambling, “said the head of the Ministry of Finance.

According to him, the government proposes to prohibit the work of the Internet casino in hotels, restaurants, cafes, shopping centers, on gas stations and other objects of social importance. Violating these rules operators can be fined for one million drams (2 thousand dollars).

Also, the age threshold will also be installed for players and is limited by cash payments, and persons recognized as incapable will restrict access to gambling establishments. In addition, the operators of gambling establishments will need to provide financial guarantees in the amount of 500 million drams to protect their players.