Gambling entertainment resort area (IRCZ) “Red Polyana”, which has been successfully operating since 2016, there are no visitors dependent on gambling (LudoManov). With this statement, the head of the development of this IRCZ Dmitry Anfinogen.

“With problems Ludomania, the managers of gambling and entertainment in the territory of the IRCZ” Krasnaya Polyana “almost do not face. Tourists dependent on gambling do not go to us. But in all establishments of the gambling zone, the principle of responsible game is supported. If the manager notices the player who is nervous and sharply raises the rates, he will definitely talk with such a citizen who is asked if he is confident in his risky actions. And if the casino employees notice that the visitor has all the signs of gambling dependence, and even more so if the relatives of such a player will write a statement to the administration with the relevant requirement, then such a player will be forbidden the entrance to the gambling institutions, “said Dmitry Anfinogen.

According to him, now the mentality of people is significantly different from what was in the early 90s. People look at the gambling zone, first of all, as in place where you can relax with the whole family, and not just play the casino. And the IRKZ leadership does everything so that people come to families to various concerts and show programs, and also visited numerous restaurants and bars.