Play casinos right during a trip to the taxi? GROSVENOR CASINOS is quite real! Such an unusual gambling establishment appeared in London in 2016. And what are the gambling houses in other countries?

Australia: Desert Cave – Casino underground

The resort Australian city of Couper Pedy once actively manifested in his desert expanses of jewelry hunters: many opals were found in these lands. Hot and windy desert climate forced local residents to build dugouts instead of traditional houses. An enterprising Umberto Coro invented how to play this chickens and opened a casino under the earth of the heart of the city itself – in the sandstone on the slope of the main street. Now it is the most popular terrestrial casino of Australia. Here you can play for one of the 16 tables, take off the room at the hotel for the night, pore in the pool and, of course – to buy souvenirs from opals.

France: Casino in the plane – Jetlounge

On board Boeing-777, which is part of the AirJet Designs aircraft fleet, works a full casino. Under these purposes, the entire front compartment of the aircraft is allocated, and the casino works throughout the flight time, in addition to the time of take-off and landing, as well as in the case of entering the turbulence zones. Play, however, here you can only in the cards: in the conditions of flight a full-fledged game in the roulette will not work.

South Africa: Luxury Safari Style Game with Sun City Resort

Sun City Resort is a luxurious gambling house with all popular types of gambling services, as well as a golf course, concert halls and all sorts of water entertainment. Well, it is only worth approaching the window – a luxurious view of Pilanesberg reserve, real African safari.