Contests, prizes and promotions are always fun. But they bring even more joy when we fully understand the principles by which they work. Our today’s article is focused more on newcomers to the gambling world, as it contains a general classification of the most frequently offered bonuses from online casinos. The established players are perfectly familiar with these concepts, but the following information will help the future sharks of excitement to understand the variety of special offers in virtual gambling clubs and mark the most digestible ones for themselves.

So, proceed. The most popular online casino gift upon registration with which their regulars please, are free spins, tournaments, lotteries and deposit bonuses.

Free spins

Free spins are a compliment from a casino, in which you can scroll through the drums in a specific game several times, without making your funds as rates. As a rule, these shares are tied to any subjects and gift rotations are provided on slots, the plot of which echoes the chosen topic. If you have provided a similar gift, then all you need to do is to find the same slot in online casinos and run the game, then bonus backs start automatically. Sometimes to take advantage of such a gift, you need to go to a specific link. In any case, the casino will give you about it.


Often, within the framework of promotions, casinos provide players with the opportunity to participate in slot tournaments for free. In most cases, such a bonus becomes available to those users who made a deposit or made bets for a certain amount of funds. Tournaments are both public and more exclusive. In particular, some of them open their spaces only for VIP players. It is noteworthy that the fewer participants there are in this competition, the more chances each of them has for a big win.


Participation in lotteries is usually provided to visitors of online casinos for performing such actions as replenishing a deposit, playing on a specific slot at a specified time, like a page on social networks, etc.d. Within the framework of such lotteries, you can win various prizes, ranging from replenishing the user’s balance and ending with real gifts like trips to hot countries or cars.

Deposit bonuses

All self-respecting online casinos offer their regulars a bonus on the game balance with each replenishment of the account in the amount of a certain percentage of the player’s deposited amount. For example, the casino promises you a 100% top-up bonus. This means that when you deposit $ 100 into your account, you will receive the same amount as a gift and will be able to play with these funds.

Moreover, the percentage of this bonus can significantly increase on holidays and other special days, so we strongly recommend that you keep track of newsletters from your online casino with a bonus, so as not to miss such a good moment.