In Singapore, a 65-year-old local resident of Yves Pang Kui can get 30 years of imprisonment for working in a large accounting company, assigned and lost in the casino more than $ 40 million.
As reported, Ludomania has a man suffers from the youth, since his father was the owner of an underground gambling establishment. Over time, he became an employee of a large accounting company Loke & Partners, and was also appointed head of Management Consultants. In the early 2000s, Iv Pang Kui due to debts in the casino was forced to sell his apartment and from that time began to steal funds for their company.
As established a consequence, over 10 years, an experienced accountant, skillfully noted traces, managed to steal more than $ 40 million. A man lived on a wide leg, removing a gorgeous room on an expensive hotel on the island of Sentos and played a casino all the time. The minimum rate from the accountant Ludoan was 1 thousand dollars., But sometimes a man could put on the con and 150 thousand dollars.
After completing the investigation of this case, the prosecutor’s office of Singapore handed him to court and demanded to plant an incredible accountant for 30 years. The defendant lawyers stating that their support recognized the guilt and collaborate with the investigation, asked to soften the sentence and appoint him no more than 18 years in prison. Now accountant Ludoman, paying a deposit in the amount of $ 1 million, was released.