32RED, Kindred Group brand, started working with customer relationship management platform (CRM) Fast Track.

32RED – one of the most recognizable online casino brands in the UK. The main goal of their partnership with Fast Track was to ensure that the team can achieve greater flexibility in their campaigns with fewer manual labor. The Fast Track platform provides them with a rich set of real-time data and automation capabilities that are the key to achieving this goal.

Mike Kirvan, head of customer marketing department in the UK in the Kindred Group, said:

“Fast Track flexibility allowed us to create a platform needed to implement our vision of interaction with players. We look forward to the possibility of using all the features and settings that we worked with the Fast Track team, as well as continue cooperation over new ideas and functions.

Jean-Luke Ferrier, Fast Track Chief Executive Officer, said:

“We consider any new integration as cooperation between us and our new partner. Working with 32RED was an excellent example of how this strong sense of partnership can benefit all participants. We were really impressed with creative thinking, which formed their implementation. “.